How to Open Zip Files

If a digital download includes more one file, the files are compressed into a single zip file. This makes downloading the files easier by grouping them into a single file and making that file smaller, which takes less time to download. Instead of downloading several separate files, you only need to download one file.

How to open zip files on a PC

  1. Open My Computer (Start > My Computer), and then locate the downloaded zip file, which can be identified by the zipped folder icon.
  2. To uncompress the file, double-click the file icon. Then, drag the files from the folder to a new location.

For more details, see the Microsoft documentation.


How to open zip files on a Mac

  1. Click on the downloads folder in the dock and select the zip file. The folder will automatically uncompress and you’ll be taken to the folder with the files.
  2. Or, locate the downloaded zip file in the Finder and double-click the icon to uncompress.